Saving incorrect character


Some times, when I save a ruby file, I get a run time error. I can hear you say “well, just go fix your bug?”. But can guarantee there’s isn’t one. Here is my rationale.

In the image, the first section is the error, the second is the actual code.
The third section is the hex dump of the ruby file. In the code:
[space]<<[space] should be saved as (in hex) 20 3C 3C 20
At line 480, of the broken file, we see 20 3C 3C C2
If I go retype these chars and save it, we can see 20 3C 3C 20.

The problem is that I don’t where this C2 char comes from, nor how I can type it. It’s certainly not visible in the editor other than in the hex dump.


Do you have any packages like atom-beautify that might be set up to change your file when you save it? Does this happen when you start Atom from the command line with atom --safe?


Thanks for reaching out!

I use beautify from time to time, but not automatically.

atom --safe, let me try that…


Sorry, I was not able to reproduce it today, with the --safe option and not.

I’ll try some more.