Saving folds


I have seen discussions before about saving the folds in a file like the Sublime BufferScroll package. I have looked at the API and knocked up a sample package which could be capable of saving folds in a similar way to the save-session package. What I noticed though when using the save-session package is that any files that are left open then the save-session package reopens on Atom start and the folds are remembered? If I close the file and reopen the folds are lost? Is this a feature somewhere in Atom or the save-session package? I can’t see it in the scripts for save-session so its seems like a happy coincidence that the folds are remembered for open files somehow?


Atom saves state for files that are open when you close Atom (such as fold state, bookmarks, cursor position). But it does not save that state if you close the files first. This is the way that Atom is designed to work.

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