Saving doesn't pick up on the file type


I’ve only been playing around with Atom for a bit now but one of the first things I noticed that prompted this post was the fact that the Windows Explorer does not pick up on what type of file I am saving (Also sorry if this has been posted under another naming convention, I couldn’t find it).

For example. Create a new document.

public class blah{


Ctrl + Shift + L and select Java. When you go to save it, at least most other editors it’d pick up on the fact that it was now a java document (Yeah, just verified in NP++ and SublimeText3).

It isn’t a deal breaker because I love a lot of the other features, but it would be nice if this were included a) so I don’t have to write “.filetype” and b) because we are all lazy and don’t want to have to :slight_smile:


This has been discussed before, but damned if I can find the other topic.
It’s not currently the case, but it is a valid reason to create a little package (wink, wink), or otherwise to open an enhancement request on the Atom repo.


Yeah sorry I couldn’t find any previous topics either. I guess at least it is a known issue. But even though i’m kinda noob maybe I’ll use this as a weekend project :slight_smile: Thanks for the reply batjko


That would be awesome, good luck!


Previous discussion:


That’s it, yes. Thanks, @john.


Yes, this is a duplicate of the topic that @john linked above. Please continue the discussion there.

We like to keep the board clean by unifying similar discussions under one topic so that people don’t have to read a bunch of different threads to see everything. Closing this topic as duplicate.

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