Saving an unmodified file at the same time as a modified one?



I’m using Atom to edit .scss files directly from a mounted Transmit disk (FTP). The CMS software which compiles the file on the server watches my main.scss file which imports my partials which live in various folders.

My problem is this: every time I modify a partial I also have to save the main SCSS file for the backend to notice that something has changed. I’d ideally like to flag that file to be saved every time I save another project file. Has anybody come across a similar situation or know a solution? Cmd-Opt-S doesn’t work since the file I’m looking to save hasn’t actually been changed.



FYI: If Transmit disk (FTP) uses sshfs then timestamp changes cannot be seen by any watcher like inotify. I ran into this and had to add my own script to watch for changes. This may or may not be related to your problem.