Saving a .py file briefly launches the command prompt (Windows 10)

Just like the title says, when I save file I’m working on in the editor with the .py extension, the Windows command prompt opens up for a split second and then closes again. The file still gets saved and there doesn’t seem to be any other problems, I just find it annoying.

The problem still occurs with all community packages disabled and I’ve also tried reinstalling Atom, the problem still occurs though.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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Does it happen when you open Atom in safe mode?

Not OP but I do have the same issue with saving .py files on windows even have a similar time frame. Anyway checked and can confirm that running atom with --safe does not affect the problem so it isn’t one of the packages.

I can also confirm that its pretty distracting

Is there anything else you might be able to look for? E.g., maybe it is for all git files? AFAIK, the packages loaded in safe mode don’t have anything Python specific.

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Confirming that I have the same issue. Seems to have just started.

It seems to really be python specific on my system I made a folder without a git repo and made a tiny .py .sh .cpp and .txt file and the the command prompt only appears when saving changes to the .py file. I tried it with atom --safe and atom and both have it.

Is there anything except for git that I could check?

No it is not a you problem. I don’t have any file that you mention but I still have those cmd opens as soon as saving .py file.

I’ve just downloaded Atom 1.40.1 on Windows 10 (though my last Windows update was in 2018). I couldn’t see anything popup when saving a Python file. Perhaps it requires a setting in your config.cson?

I believe it has something to do with ide-python

That package shouldn’t be active in safe mode though.

I figured it out. If you have Kite installed, that is the main resource of the problem. Uninstall kite, remove kite from .atom folder and you should be good to go

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And Kite was doing something even in safe mode? Interesting.

Yep. I have tried both. Apparently Kite is broken atm

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I suggest Jedi is your best choice right now. I also tested on my Linux system. Kite creates the problem.

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Uninstalling Kite worked for me as well, thank you!