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Loving so far! So far it’s comparing very favorably with Sublime, my current editor of choice. One feature I’ve found that I’m missing though it’s Sublimes concept of a saved “Project”, which is basically just a saved workspace state. (Things like opened tabs, folders, etc.) I don’t see anything like that in atom. Am I looking in the wrong place? If not, is that a feature that’s in the plans?

Also, a somewhat unrelated question: The fuzzy file search automatically ignores files in your .gitignore settings. Any way to turn that off? (Preferably on a per-file/folder basis?)

Can atom save files so I don't have to?

If you open the root directory of a project, for instance ~/src/foo and then open a few files. If you exit Atom and then open the same directory it will open with the same files in the same tabs. I’ve seen this behavior with both the command line tool and using File > Open and selecting the directory to open.


It doesn’t seem to be consistent though.

I’ve multiple times (accidentally) closed Atom, and launched it again from the command line with either atom or atom ., where the files weren’t reopened.

Of course I can’t reproduce it at the moment, maybe it has been fixed?


Inconsistent for me as well. Sometimes you need to quit Atom to activate a package and then when I try and reopen, all of my files and tabs are lost.


I am also missing the idea of projects. If you often work on several projects at a time, having Atom only remember the last opened configuration of tabs/windows isn’t as useful as having each Project remember its own state. I also like how Sublime saves the project as a text file, which I can use Alfred/Quicksilver to open (using OSX). Makes picking up where you last left off in any project a snap without ever having to navigate the file system.


For anyone still interested, it’s on deck for 1.0 now:

Can atom save files so I don't have to?

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Hi @toji, we with guys are working on package for Atom Editor exactly to resolve this question. You can check this package here - save workspace package . It is so welcome to post issues, PRs, contribute and use, sure :slight_smile: