Save/Reload work session


Dear All,

Atom currently opens always with an empty editor pane and never with my previously opened folders and files.
Is there any way not to force Atom to open the same projects every day?
I read the post Saving sessions onQuit but did not answer my question.
I exit with cmd + Q and never reloads anything…
It is updated to the latest always.


Automatically open previous folder on Atom startup
Saving sessions onQuit

There’s also this other thread on essentially the same topic … just reversed …


+1 from me. saving project state is an important feature. hope to see this in the near future.


I made a package to do this, you can check it out here:
It´s not perfect in any way yet but at least it gives you some basic form of saved project states


nice! @hampustagerud will try it out.

Btw, I’m now using the project-management package to save my projects. This should work great together.


Hi this HAS to be addressed.

Atom should come default with being able to open previous project folders and files…

There are dozens of other questions related to this, but all the mods have closed them out, so that is why I must bump this up again.

I installed both packages that where suppose to fix this issue. None of them worked:

^ It even says there that it’s buggy and just the last page that was saved should show up, however nothing comes back up. The entire text-editor sessions is cleared out.

Atom can’t compete with Sublime with this problem, I have at least 4 - 5 different projects open at a time.


This is on the Atom v1.0 roadmap:


It should also include any other states you might have had at the time of closing, like if you had one or more terminal windows open, they should reopen as well. I’d be okay with them not having the same contents but at least they should be active. I’d like to see browser tabs saved and reopened as well.

This is a critical feature that causes major problems to picking up on development from one session to another.


On OS X, it would be nice if the whole application state was persisted like other apps do (i.e. Sublime Text) when you quit them. Instead of asking you to save every file, it just automagically persists the session and when Atom is launched again just starts where it left off.