Save py file



i installed atom on my windows 10 64 bit… when i create new file … by going file —>new file and write command then how i save this save as ?

i save the file but i unable to save it with .py extension ?

check below image

any help


Just save as There’s nothing special about using an extension from the drop down list over typing it yourself (that I’m aware of; Windows has disappointed me before though).


ok but when i save this file as “” and then i try to run command on cmd .
then this command not print i do this


The file is not an executable. You’d either need a shebang line, or execute with python


Does the Windows shell recognize shebang lines?


No clue. I’d be disappointed if it didn’t, but not surprised.

Edit: NVM, it’s probably impossible anyway, considering a shebang is a path.