Save in current dir of file open


Hey all!

I don’t know if I should be posting here or with project-manager [PACKAGE] so if this is the wrong place many apologies!

Would it be possible to save a file in the directory that file’s in instead of the 1st project folder? e.g. If I create a new .php file thats meant for a class folder (path: C:\users\treytaylor\copy\secure\website\classes) and hit Save as…, it currently opens the 1st folder in the project which could be C:\users\treytaylor\copy\website (as an example). How could I get it so it recognises what dir the file is in and then open the save as window in that dir?

Thanks :smile:


You might want to check out the advanced-new-file package. I find it very useful for the kind of thing you’re talking about.