Save in a fast way?


Hello Atom community, i have a doubt with atom, i use Sublime for a long time and one of the things i always like was when i make a new doc i was able to save with the name and extension that i write in the editor, to explain my self a little bit better, in the doc tab where is the editor i write somedoc.php after i press crtl + s the prompt windows ready know that the name is somedoc and the extension is php so it just ask me for the path to save, if there a plugin or something that i can changue to make this happen i will appreciate, this editor is addictive i’m happy with it…


Hmmm, just to be more explicit, can you share a screencast of how this works in Sublime?


Thanks for reply, here is a pic of what i say, just open a new doc, write the name and the extension you wish, ctrl + s and the prompt windows ready show the name and ext you want to save, just need to give a path


When you create a new file by right-clicking on the tree view. Atom will give you a box to write the new file name and then it will open a new editor for that file.


Yep i know that tree view press “a” will create a new file and shift + “a” a new folder, but that’s ok, but in work flow can be more easy pressing ctrl + “n” create a empty doc and do the other steps, i just wonder if there a plugin or if it’s posible to do it in atom changing something


@tsukasa If you’re asking about the feature in Sublime where it takes the filename from the first text in the file, no, Atom doesn’t have a similar feature. I don’t know of a package that offers that either, though I use advanced-open-file to allow me to type in a file path easily when creating a new file.


Thank you very much leedohm yes that the feature that i was looking for, but it’s more a whim that a real need, but the plugin that you share is awesome i like it more than the feature i was looking for, thanks again