Save in 2 different folders on save


Here’s what I want to do.
I have two different folders. C:\path1\ and C:\path2\

My project in Atom is located here : C:\path1\

For all files in my project, on save (ctrl s), I want the file to be saved in both folders.

How can it be done?
Is there an existing package for it?

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There’s actually a recent thread just like this. I believe that the best way to do this is to use process-palette to link a command line instruction (such as cp -Rf C:\path1 C:\path2) to a command within Atom and then either give it a keybinding via keymap.cson or use flex-tool-bar to create a button for it.

If completely syncing the two folders isn’t what you want, then a more complex solution might be needed, but process-palette is most likely still the answer.