"Save All" should not save unchanged files


Save All (File > Save All, Opt-Cmd-S) should not save unchanged files. I’ve found two workflows so far to which this is really disruptive:

  1. I have a bunch of files open. Some of these files are being watched for LiveReload. I edit a handful of other ones, Save All, and LiveReload gets triggered unnecessarily.

  2. The Tidy Tabs package becomes useless, because when I use Save All, all of my tabs get marked as having been recently saved.


There is discussion around how to handle this here:


I often need the touch feature to trigger external actions like compile. That should be an option.


@mark_hahn Touch on save for an individual file makes sense to me. Do you also want to touch every file that is open in Atom each time you Save All?


It works fine for me. I have no trouble with everything being copied and/or compiled. I realize I may be weird.

I’m a nut about saving in general. I have muscle memory set up to hit save every time I pause typing. It’s left over from working on half-finished systems under development where crashes were the norm.