SASS/SCSS watch within project


Here a small package I made to watch a SASS/SCSS folder for changes and convert them to CSS on an other one. Built using the node-sass. At the moment it uses child process to call node-sass instead of require() it in code (could not make it work with Atom).


Confirmed to work with Atom 0.119 win32. Also compatible Remote-FTP for auto-uploading updated CSS files.


Released sprite-generator that produce an atlas/spritesheet/sprite out of selected images/folder and it’s corresponding SCSS mixins. Similar to what Spriteowl offer but with raw files instead of Photoshop document.

Perfect match with sass-watch :wink:


@gern I’m not sure exactly whats going on here but I’ve recently released a plugin that does much the same thing infact all your links to sass-watch go to my package.

Did you remove your package? or have I somehow published over the top?


@Arcath I removed my plugin from the atom package channel as it was ready for everyday uses and had a lot of bugs. I re-published it under atom-sasquatch but still rough on the edges.

But since July I was able to make it work like yours I guess :smile: