Sass-Autocompile bug


border: $border-color 1px solid
border-radius: 2px
width: 200px
height: 25px
background-color: #998BE0

background-color: #44387F

border: $border-color 1px solid

compile css contain:
.form-field{border:#1B1632 1px solid;border-radius:2px;width:200px;height:25px;background-color:#998BE0;background-color:#44387F}.submit-container{border:#1B1632 1px solid}
How to fix it?
And why css file is compiled in one line?
Thank you


You should bring it up on the sass-autocompile GitHub repo.

The file is compiled into one line because browsers don’t need new lines to read text. The output is intended only for browsers. You can use a CSS beautifier to reformat it for human consumption.