Same files, 2 computers?


Newbie here. I have atom on my laptop. How do I reference those files I’ve written on my laptop on my desktop atom?


Version control i guess.
i suggest github? (:stuck_out_tongue:)


Dropbox is extremely user-friendly and I recommend it for passive sharing between computers. For a sharing workflow that requires archival or change comparison, git is powerful and stays out of your way when not in use, and Atom has particular synergies with the git tool and GitHub, so a small amount of learning the tools involved will give you a lot of capabilities when it comes to reading and editing your code. If you use git, Atom can show you which files and lines you’ve changed since your last push, which is pretty nice.


Thank you, I really appreciate it. I’ll try git. I’d rather keep it Git centric so I’ll take the time to learn the tools. Thanks for the advice.