Safe mode bot



Can we have a bot that asks does it happen in safe mode? on all new posts that don’t explicity contain safe mode in the text?

I marked this as humour, but I feel this is by far the most common first response. It’d be interesting to see just what proportion of followup comments ask this.


To be clear, I think it could be quite obnoxious if it really was made. But maybe a bigger and brighter “welcome” message that says it?

Or change the default text when writing a post to Before you ask, be sure to see if it happens in safe mode. Do this by opening Atom in the command line with `atom --safe`

Or make a popup appear, like the “similar posts” popup, if safe mode doesn’t appear in the text (like the bot, but nicer and less intrusive / shaming).


Same for Is it in your PATH? please :smiley:

Or change the default text
Or make a popup appear

I doubt this would make a difference, you cannot make people read descriptions. The most obvious thing to do (for me), would be to search before asking. If the majority did that, there wouldn’t be a question about how to get Python running in script. Every. Single. Week.


python… script… …shudders