Runtime error checking


I haven’t tried Atom yet but am considering it for myself as well as students I teach. Wondering if atom does runtime error checking? What I mean by that is when I use Cloud9 for example, if I create a .js file with just this line:

var foo = bar;

I get a helpful little tooltip saying:

foo is defined but never used
’bar’ is not defined.

This could be especially useful for students, is there anything like it available in Atom? What about Sublime Text…is there a plugin that does this?



For Atom there is the linter package and the atom-lint package that provide this kind of functionality. I haven’t used Sublime Text in over a year, so I wouldn’t know the answer to that.


Cool, looks like with the linter package there are a bunch of different options:

linter-jshint, for JavaScript and JSON, using jshint
linter-jscs, for JavaScript, using jscs
linter-jsxhint, for JSX (React.js), using jsxhint
linter-eslint, for JavaScript, using eslint
linter-gjslint, for JavaScript, using gjslint
linter-flow, for JavaScript, using flow

Anyone know which if any of those supports the kind of runtime error detection I described?

Update: I tried linter-jshint, it only checks basic syntax. Maybe one of the others?

Another update: looks like linter-eslint does this type of error checking. Nice!!!