Running Webpack in cmd crashes Atom


Not sure why but running webpack on windows 10 with the cmd line just freezes Atom. This has become such an issue that I have stoped developing with Atom, which is a shame! :slight_smile:


Does it crash Atom even when you don’t have the files that are being packed open?


Had same issue on Ubuntu 16.04
it freezes atom only if the output files are opened in the editor.


Okay, so the problem seems to be that Atom crumbles if it has too much stuff to refresh all at once. It does seem odd that there’s not an option to turn off the file-watching. Perhaps the answer could be a package that closes the output files, runs Webpack, and then reopens them once Webpack is completed.

In the mean time, closing the output files should solve the problem. You can right-click on a file and select one of the split options to open it in a new pane, then close the whole pane at once by right-clicking on its tab bar (preferably in the space around the tabs, so that there are fewer menu options). If the output files are in a single directory, it wouldn’t be too hard to find them after.

Does Webpack have the ability to output the names of the files it’s writing to?