Running tkinter on Atom


Hi guys! I’m new to using Atom and I really love it. However I’ve been trying to run “import tkinter” and “from tkinter import Canvas” and the code that should run. It runs and completes fine but no extra window pops up with my canvas. I’m using the Script package. However, when I run it on other programs it works fine, for example I ran it on Pyzo and the canvas came up as expected so I doubt that it’s my code. I’m running python3 on a Mac.

Does anyone have a fix? If there is I’d really appreciate it. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Does a canvas window appear when you run your script from the command line? Does the window appear when you run the script from a terminal embedded in Atom like platformio-ide-terminal?


Ive tried to run it from the command line both on the mac terminal and from the terminal package within atom and both work. But no luck with running it from atom script.


You can open an issue at the script repo asking for them to look into adding that feature, or you can find out what needs to happen and make it work yourself.


I’m trying to run tkinter code from within ATOm but I get the error "No module named tkinter"
The same code runs fine with Text Wrangler. I saw an old treath with the samen problem. Isn’t this resolved already?


Please don’t resurrect multiple threads to ask the same question. Since your error resembles the one in the other thread, not the one in this thread, we can work through your situation there.