Running Tensorflow on GPUs using Atom



Does “script” package on atom supports running python code on GPUs?
if yes, how can I make sure that my code is running on the GPUs not on the CPU?
if no, how can I run my code on the GPUs?

Thanks a lot


script has absolutely no concern for what processor your code is running on. You give it a command (like python) or it auto-detects the command based on your syntax and it feeds your code into the command.

How do you run code on the GPU when you’re using the command line?


Thanks alot for the answer. I really appreciate it, DamnedScholar.
Umm, I got it. So, let me ask these questions:
Does python use the already installed python version on my PC or it installs its own?
If it install its own, does the python coming with Atom has/supports tensorflow GPU?

I’m new to these tools, python, and trying to understand how it works.


The only code interpreter that comes with Atom is the built-in one it uses to run its own JavaScript. You need to install your own interpreters and compilers for everything else. script uses the python command on your computer, whatever that points to.