Running simulations from Atom from input-script


Hello all,

I am a novice atom-user, so please excuse my ignorance.

As I use ATOM as a text-editor to create input-text files for a numerical code called PFLOTRAN, I think it would be convenient to be able to launch these simulations from within atom.

Once the “” file is created (or whatever it is named), I would like to execute the command
pflotran -input_prefix simulation
from the terminal in the folder this file is located in.
by just pressing a shortcut.

Is this possible ? Can you point me in the right direction ?

Many Thanks,


What I use is process-palette to create command line instructions (you can control a wide variety of things about how the command is executed, and you can make the CWD dynamic based on the file). From there, you can set a keybinding for the new command or add it to the config file for flex-tool-bar.


Thank you, this is exactly what I needed !