Running scripts in ATOM - how to headstart into Python while using Atom and GITHub

Hello dear experts,

this is a thread reagarding running scripts in ATOM - how to headstart into Python while using Atom and GITHub

i just have installed Atom
now i want to start with python…

saw some recommendations for the start with Python:

  • Install a Syntax Theme
  • Atom Material
  • script package
  • some packages & options that help to connect with github.

Well it is very very important to me to connect with github and to work with Git.
Do you have some recommendations here.

By far one of the most important packages on this list is the script package. This allows you to run scripts in the Atom editor using the “command + i” keyboard shortcut. The code will run in a panel at the bottom of the text editor.

Well that is pretty important. I need to have some options to run the code. IS the script-Package the only one that helps here?

Love to hear from you

Nope. atom-runner, script-runner, process-palette, hydrogen, and termination are all options that you might consider. They all do slightly different things, so it’s worth taking a look at each. Since I’m a control freak with good knowledge of the command line, I prefer process-palette because of the flexibility it gives.

It doesn’t run code, but you should consider flex-tool-bar. It will allow you to make a button for any command you want, including a “run this code” command from the package you decide to use (or, if you use process-palette, you can make a toolbar button for any shell command that doesn’t require sudo).

hello dear Damned Sholar

mana many thanks for all the hints.

will digg into all of that… greetings