Running Python on Atom

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Thanks for your help. I finally got it to work. You made my day.

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hey guys i’m on mac and the package runs a file test print(“hi”)` and it works pefectl fine but when i give it a pythagorass theorem programme it just shows the hour glass sybol at the bottom if the window.

and one more thing i can run the same code in IDLE without any issues.

If by “a Pythagoras theorem program”, you mean that you’re asking the user for input, then I can tell you that the script package is not designed to handle input. You’ll want to run your program through a package that can, such as termination or script-runner.

i have done whatever is told but nothing works . whenever i press ctrl+shift+b it does nothing.i am using windows 10 .tell me what to do

I experienced similar problem when I installed latest version of python (3.8 vs 3.7) Issue was resoleved when I run the following in command line:

python -m pip install ipykernel

I experienced the same problem at first. What I did was reinstall the Python and checked that ‘Add Python to Path’ as I didn’t before. I hope this will help people in the future.