Running node.js script in index.html file


I am new to programming and was trying my hands on building a desktop app using electron.
With my app I am trying to upload a file from system to a server as the application is launched.
I successfully achieved the task as run the script independently in node.
However, when I sourced the script in index.html file of my desktop app it didn’t work.
Can anyone help me with exactly what went wrong!!
I used request package in my script while trying to make a post request to upload the file to the server.


It certainly sounds like something that shouldn’t be an issue, but really we need more information (or, better yet, code snippets) to be able to help you with this.


var request = require(‘request’);
var fs = require(“fs”);

var source = fs.createReadStream(’./input.txt’);

var req =, function (err, resp, body) {
if (err) {
} else {
console.log('URL: ’ + body);
var form = req.form();
form.append(‘file’, source);

The above is the request file. Its working when I run “node filename.js” in command prompt but not when
called from index.html and running “npm start” to launch my app.


In what way is it not working? Does it open a window? Is it failing silently?

If you open the DevTools, what does it log when you change console.log('Error!'); to console.log(err);?


It is opening the electron window and running the html part but the script is not working as in I am neither receiving the file on the server nor getting any acknowledgement of sending the file in my command prompt.
First I tried to source it in my index.html file but it wasn’t working. Instead of calling the file I even tried to write the script in the file(index.html) itself but that too wasn’t working(only the script part, the html part is working and I m able to see it in window.)


Thank you very much caffiend for your interest in solving my problem. It was my bad. The script was running in the back. I got the hint from your opening DevTools suggestion. Well the problem is solved.