Running multiple versions of the same app



I’m new to app development using atom shell. I have a simple question. When running multiple versions of the same app are they self contained. I’m trying to figure out if each instance of my app uses the same version of node or not.



By app I’ll assume you mean an instance of Atom running. Yes, you can run multiple instances of different versions. I did this just yesterday, It’s a bit tricky on windows but it works. I had to do this yesterday because version 130 broke my app and I had to make sure my new fix worked on old versions.


Hi mark,

Thanks for the response, yes the question was about instances of the same app. In terms of windows, what issues did you have? I assume two differently packed apps, as opposed to the same app as multiple instances have no issues?


You terminology is confusing me. We may not be talking about the same thing. When I say “app” I mean the entirety of the Atom editor. It is usually just called the editor, not an app.

And I don’t understand at all what you mean by packed. Maybe you could detail what you mean?


The category of this topic is atom-shell for discussing applications written on top the Atom Shell framework that may be, but are not necessarily, Atom the editor. So when @McDonnellDean is using the term “app”, he probably does not mean Atom in this case.


Sorry. I never look at the category. I will not do this again.

@McDonnellDean: Sorry but I can’t help.


Yep I think Atom-shell is self contained. I tested my App with two versions all running at once v0.16.3 and v0.16.2 In ElementaryOS it will run different instances but I renamed the binaries atom-shell16.3 and atom-shell16.2 so I will not get confused

on node_modules it will run the modules inside my project folder but when I deploy I move the node_modules on the default_app folder so it will used that modules in client machine not their global node_modules.