Running multiple instances of Atom


I use Atom for both web and app development on MacOS which means that I would like to use different packages and settings for web development and app development. I would like to have two completely separate atom applications, preferably with the same version that I can update whenever there is a new update.

I’ve looked around and found no possible solution. Is there one? Thanks.


You can run Atom with different configurations by setting the ATOM_HOME environment variable before launching Atom.


Is it possible to work with two different configurations at the same time? @leedohm
EDIT: I was exporting ATOM_HOME and running Atom from shell, which worked perfectly (1.13.0-dev-11f8d9e) but after Atom upgrade to newest version this workflow is no longer valid. Is it a bug or a feature? I am using OS X El Capitan and Fedora 25 and it appears on both systems.


Any updates on this ?
This is such a shame we can not use separate Atom installs with different setting for different workflows… just ridiculous.


is it possible now ?


Nothing has changed.