Running Javascript with Script


Hello, I’m new to this forum and programming. I’m studyng javascript both for web applications and p5.js
I use the package ‘script’ for running code in atom, it works very well with Python but now I’m using it with javascript and when I run the code this is what appears to me:
“Impossibile trovare il percorso specificato.
[Finished in 0.435s]”
The first problem is that it speaks Italian although I set Atom in English, “Impossibile trovare il percorso specificato” means : “Unable to find the specified path”.
This is what I see if I open the output:
“[Command: cmd ‘/c C:\Users\parol.atom\packages\script\node_modules.bin\babel --filename C:\Users\parol.atom\packages\script\node_modules.bin\babel < C:\Users\parol\Documents^Informatica\Programmazione\Javascript\02_Program Structure.js| node’]
Impossibile trovare il percorso specificato.
[Finished in 0.435s]”
What could I do? The code works well with Hydrogen, and I have read a bunch of topics here and on Stackoverflow, but I can’t figure out how to fix this issue.


Suggestion: How about ensuring that all mentioned paths are void of spaces.


02_Program Structure.js     ->    02_Program_Structure.js


Thank you for the advice, but it doesn’t work and it shows the same output with other files named differently


Do you have node installed on your PC? There must be an external program that can execute the code that script sends it.


I found out how to fix it! Script had some problems with the name of the folder:"^Informatica".
Now that I’ve changed it to:“Informatica” it works really good. Thank you for your help.