Running forked extensions


I have a few extensions that I’ve started contributing to. For example I have apm develop ex-mode and when I start adom -d from inside that checkout it works fine. When I go back to working on my other projects it seems to be loading the original version of ex-mode instead of my local version. What is the correct workflow to (on my machine) promote my version to be used everywhere?

It seems like I could just always start atom in developer mode, but that doesn’t seem like the right answer.


When you execute apm develop it clones the repository to your system and then executes an apm link --dev on that repository, symlinking it into ~/.atom/dev/packages which, as you’ve noticed, is loaded only when you launch Atom in Dev Mode. If you want to have the development version of the package loaded any time you load Atom, you can use the apm link command to create the symlink from the package’s cloned directory into ~/.atom/packages.