Running an electron app in the background from the login (after bootup)


Hey community,
Noobie here… I need your valuable help and suggestions. How can I make an electron app run in the background right from the login screen of any OS. Thanks in advance … :slight_smile:


Could you be more specific?


I need my electron executable to start running right from boot up … but with its windows hidden


Launching applications at boot isn’t something that Electron provides. Every OS has some different mechanism for launching system services (which is the most common use case for needing to run like you describe). On Mac, you would probably use launchd to set up a program to run at launch. There is a lot of documentation on how to build a Windows Service. I’m not sure what the analog for Linux is, but I’m certain there is documentation for it out there.


There’s actually the app.setLoginItemSettings() API, which can be used
to start apps when the user logs in. That’s currently only supported on
Windows and macOS.


I stand corrected. Thanks @enlight!