Runner : text size for runner is very small; suggestions on how to enlarge?


HI there members. I am a Newbie on Atom and quite like using the site. I have a question: could someone please help me with regards to making Runner display a larger text size? I would need a step by step answer as I am also new to coding.Thanks Rick


There is no package entitled runner, so I’m assuming that you mean atom-runner. You can see where it defines its style in the package’s repo. To increase the size, you want to create a rule in your .atom/styles.less file (File -> Stylesheet) and set the size to something (start with 110% and adjust up or down depending on how big you want it). Atom will update the visuals as soon as you save your changes. You can also use the Chrome Developer Tools built into Atom to investigate how each component of the interface is displayed.

In case you aren’t very familiar with CSS, use this as a starting point:

.atom-runner {
  font-size: 110%;


Hi , thank you for your reply , I appreciate it .
It worked !!! Yeaaa !
I can see it !


Hi , I am wanting to increase the word inside runner ; the runner banner is big but the word inside is still at the default size ( too small ) .
Are you able to assist me with that please?


What words, specifically? The preformatted text?


Hi again and thanks again . Yes , when I send a print command from python it displays the result in atom runner , but no change in size ,


To target the preformatted text, just do

.atom-runner pre {
    font-size: 120%;


Thank you very much ! You made my life so much easier and I do appreciate the time you took to help me out !
Best wishes


No problem. :slight_smile: