Run tests without leaving Atom


I could be nice to be able to run tests/specs right from Atom.
Maybe display the output on a split pane and/or show some info on the status bar.


:+1: Something like would be awesome!


I’ve started on such a package. So far it runs rspec, but could be configured to run test unit as well. It’s here:


You can also try Atom Runner:

I didn’t yet optimize for RSpec/minitest, but it shouldn’t be hard to add an extension matcher for it.


I have created something like Sublime’s RubyTest. It has the feature to run all specs in a file, only the spec where the cursor’s at and also the last executed spec.

Quick GIF screencast:

Here’s the package:

And the GitHub repo:

Hope it helps!


I don’t think you meant to link to my package. It looks very nice though, it appears we’ve duplicated efforts, but hey, at least we both learned how to write Atom packages :slight_smile:


Anyone know of a JavaScript test runner?