Run old versions of Atom in windows?


Is there a way to run old versions of Atom in windows? If I go to the Atom folder under version 124 in chocolatey and directly run atom.exe I still get 125 running.


I haven’t tried it, but how about getting the zipped versions of previous releases, extracting those somewhere and running atom right from that?


Chocolatey keeps every version in a separate folder. I would think that would be the same as unzipping one. I don’t understand how I could be starting one and having another one run.

Atom.exe must be starting up code in the other folder based on a registry setting or something. The windows registry was the dumbest and biggest mistake ever.

I wonder if it could be a problem of help showing the wrong version number? I’ll try adding an alert in some core code of 124 and see what happens.


I would have thought your path variable may be taking precedence, but not if you’re in the folder of the atom.exe you’re trying to start.
However, I have no idea what Chocolatey does to your programs. I try not to use it because of these weird customizations.