Run make remotely via ssh to build projects on servers


I’m using Remote-sync to upload modified files to my remote host just after saving them. I would also like to be able to send the make command just after remote-sync is done to remotely build my project. Is that actually possible by combining different packages?


You can always SSH in there with terminal-plus and use the command line.


Thank you DamnedScholar, I was looking for a package like terminal-plus.

But how can I send automatically a ssh command, namely running make on remote host, when saving my files. Remote-sync actually ensure that the modified files are uploaded to the remote host when saving. And why not, launching the make command as well as the program it self on the remote host for further testing.

My goal is to reduce time over cycles of testing new code. And I’m essentially working on remote hosts.


Your best bet would be to have a file system watcher run make when the watched files are modified.