"Run elm-format in Atom" -- two packages?


I’m using Atom 1.19.5 x64 on Windows, to learn elm. I am completely new to both Atom and elm.

What’s the difference between the elm-format and elm packages?

Both are subtitled “Run elm-format in Atom” – see screenshot below – but it’s not obvious which of the two I need. Or if I need both.





The Internet package search says that they have different authors. You can click through to the GitHub repos to check out their source code and documentation.

There are plenty of redundant packages in the Atom ecosystem. Many problems have been solved in different ways by different people, and that’s great for us because we have a lot of options to choose from.


Thanks DamnedScholar

Weird they both have triforkse as the author in my Atom package manager, but one has a different author in those search results. I will have to dig into the code.

Thanks again.