Run electron apps on Linux VPS


I have created a web bot that works great on windows and linux Desktop versions. But since this is a bot it would be great if it could run on afresh setup of Linux VPS. This feature has been highly requested by my clients. I know without installing anything on the VPS electron apps won’t work.
So what should I install on the headless Linux VPS ,Specifically Ubuntu 16.04 to make it work.


I’m sure it’s possible, but it might not be what you need. You can run headless Chrome, and there’s mention of Atom running in headless mode for testing, but it sounds like it might not be easy. Maybe the functionality requires additions to Electron, or maybe it’s something that just has to be configured correctly. I don’t know.

What about PhantomJS? It’s explicitly designed for that purpose, where Electron is not. You could actually bundle both with your app, and then have a CLI entry point for the headless environment that loads Phantom instead of Electron. It would be relatively simple (and also very good coding practice) to have the bot’s logic be front-end agnostic, so the Electron or Phantom components would just deal with user interface concerns.


Sorry for late follow up but , does phantom allow for packaging apps in friendly one click install.
Basically if I use phantom to remake my software , can it be used by the average user.


I don’t have any experience with PhantomJS, so you’d have to ask them.

When you say “average”, do you mean “the average person who uses Linux VPS” or “the average person who thinks that computers are magic”?


Average lol , I will check it out with the phantom guys.