Run C++ in platformio-ide-terminal from Atom editor



Is it possible to execute ‘Compile And Run’ (F5) in Atom and have the output of a C++ program appear in platformio-ide-terminal instead of launching a separate Terminal process?

If not is there another terminal package/console or some built in Atom feature that can do this?



What package provides that?

In general, I doubt it. Unless you modify that package and/or the platformio-ide-terminal package, I would imagine they’re quite isolated.

Changes to platformio-ide-terminal will also no longer occur, as active development has ended. The package is still quite useable, but compatibility with Atom will probably decline over time and bugs will not be fixed (unless someone makes a PR and a maintainer takes the time to review it).


I use the gpp-compiler package to compile and run C++ in Atom. The command is accessible by right clicking in the Atom editor.


Thanks for the info.


Packages can expose some of their methods to other packages as services. You can see an example by looking at the package.json and code of the tool-bar package, which provides a view as a service, and the package.json and code of the flex-tool-bar package, which uses the service.


I see. OK thanks for the tip.