Run bash's commands with a hotkey


I really love use VIM, but I’d like to test Atom.

One of the mains action I’ve been using in vim is running bash commands with :!. I even mapped leader + Key for my common task, like Run test, lunch web server, check syntax and others.

I would like to have the same actions with Atom, but I’m not seeing this options, and I wouldn’t like to use cmd+shift+p to run command or even worst, my trackpad. I’m just looking an easy way to run bash with some hotkeys.

It is even possible in Atom?


Did you try this package?


I have the some problem as you!


Yeah, it’s half way there.

At least for me, I need this to work:
When I press a key/combination, Atom executes a shell command for me, instead of popping up a terminal that I need to type a command.

Really hope there is an easy way to do it!


There are plenty of build type packages that will do this sort of thing for you @woodllan, such as the build package.


Thanks, leedohm! This package is awesome!


for those who don’t need a full build package, this is a really neat and easier to use method;


I agree, except that I actually just recently came to Atom Discussion to request exactly this kind of functionality:


process-palette is what you’re looking for.