Run atom as hosted web application?


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the title already says it, but just to avoid confusion: Can I run atom as a real web application (or “cloud application”, if you prefer the term) on my web server?

I already have a headless debian web server set up with several PHP applications (including nextcloud) up & running, being served through nginx via SSL and want to use atom using or via my existing nextcloud installation. My ultimate goal is to host as many applications I use on a frequent basis on this machine and make it available to me via a browser. My goal is neither to run atom on the same machine where the browser is running, nor to run a development server on the same machine I use in atom on.

How would this best be achieved?


It is technically possible, but you would personally have to do a pass over most of the application’s code in order to disconnect it from the Electron component. It’s impossible to tell how much work that would be. Probably not as much as writing a comparable editor from scratch, but substantially more than embedding something like Ace.


What would be the main challenge? I was under the impression that atom was build using web technologies like html, javascript and css and node.js is used for server side coding all over the place, so it seemed that this could be done quite easily…


It’s not really done in proper MVC, from what I understand.


There might be a main challenge, but right now it’s going through the code to figure out what the challenges are.


There is a FAQ for this:

And also, this is a duplicate of the previous conversation linked to in the FAQ:

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