Run an executable that was made through atom

I want to compile and make an executable through Atom and send it to friends so they can run it without installing c++
Right now they just get, this app can’t run on your pc.

Atom has nothing to do with the issue, because you cannot compile C++ in Atom. You might think you are, but you are using an external compiler (probably g++) and a package that is sending your code to that compiler. You need to find C++ experts and ask them what you need to do to support your friends’ computers. In any case, your friends installing g++ would not do anything except allow them to compile your code. You need to compile the program in a way that works on their computers. When you find the C++ experts, make sure to provide them with more information than you have included here, including the precise steps you took to install your compiler, all of the operating systems you hope to support, and either a link to your code (if you use GitHub, that’s a big help) or a list of all the libraries and/or frameworks you’re using, in case there are any compatibility issues there.

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