Ruby on Rails and Atom


I have installed Ruby on Rails and want to use Atom as my IDE but I don’t know how to link Atom and Rails. My OS is Windows 10, Can any body help please?


Atom has a package system, where the community writes packages that others might find useful. I suggest looking at ruby ones. Atom itself (the “core”) has no concept of “linking” or “ruby”, or anything else like that.

Having said that, there are some packages you might like

  • language-ruby-on-rails: this one is built in, so please don’t try to download and install it separately. It scopes each character in your file for the theme to apply colours to (together it’s normally called syntax highlighting).

  • Some kind of autocomplete provider; I can’t help you pick which one. Snippets may be good too, and there is little practical difference.

  • You might want to try atom-ide-ui and ide-ruby (the latter depend on the former). It looks pretty new and incomplete though, so it might not be so good.

  • linter-ruby for linting (seeing possible code errors and enforcing consistent code style)

  • A code runner. E.g., atom-runner (which says it supports ruby; I don’t know if this includes rails), or script (I would recommend this one; it seems more popular and says it supports rails).

Guides to setting up these packages can be found on their respective GitHub repositories. If you have a problem, we will try to help the best we can, but bear in mind we may not know anything about the Ruby specific stuff (I certainly don’t). If the script package is throwing an error when you try to run it, I wouldn’t know anything about fixing it.


Thanks for your reply Benjamin,

I’ve decided that working with Ruby on Rails is far more trouble than it’s worth. I’ll stick with HTML, CSS3 and jQuery. That’s far less trouble and I can get on with creating. J

Would you recommend any additions to Atom?

Regards John

  • autocomplete-paths

  • hyperclick

  • js-hyperclick

  • linter

  • linter-ui-default

  • linter-jshint

  • platformio-ide-terminal

    • or termination
  • script

  • emmet

I use most of these, aside from script and emmet. I use them all for JS stuff, so there may be more for HTML and CSS.


Thanks for that Benjamin.

Regards John