Ruby: Auto-Completion on built-in methods

Hey everybody,

i was not able to find an answer to that question: Is there some kind of add-on I would have to install in order to get auto-completion on languages’ built-in class methods, e.g. in Ruby: some_array.rev would spit out ‘reverse’, ‘reverse!’ and ‘reverse_each’.

thanks in advance

I think part of the complexity is detecting that your variable is indeed an array.
This seems to do the detection

Witht the following warning:

Currently pre-alpha, buggy and not fully implemented. All help is welcome.

Yeah, I checked that out already. I’ve been looking for a simpler solution since ‘autocomplete-ruby’ requires an instance of rsense server to be started in project root. Simpler because I’m just doing small scripting excercises in order to improve my ruby and expanding my “method vocabulary” and using the package seemed somewhat bloated. Using irb and the documentation as an alternative kind of feels not flowing, so I was wondering whether I could solve that “IDE style”. But it might be a solution for right now, thanks for answering!