Rolling back to previous theme version


The latest Atom Dark UI has suddenly switched to some really ugly tabs (in my opinion, no offence meant!).

Is there a simple way of rolling back to a previous version?


You can fork the repo and install the package from that fork. That will replace the default package and allow you to roll back or change it anyway you like.


They look the same as they always have on my machine


Actually, 1.9.0 has One-Dark-UI 0.6.0 which does have some significant changes.


I think you can just run apm uninstall one-dark-ui and then apm install one-dark-ui@0.5.0 to install the old one.


FWIW, I’d give it a little time before you decide you don’t like it. We tend to dislike UI changes at first, no matter what they are, once we get used to the status quo. I wasn’t too into the new tabs and editor frame at first, but they’ve really grown on me now. Just my 2 cents.