Roadmap for atom


Could we get a public roadmap for atom? I have ideas for few larger packages, but I don’t want to duplicate something that will be done on a lower level soon.



+1 here, especially for things like more git integration i’m not sure whether it’s being worked on in private already by github.



Specifically about Git integration, there have been statements on the board like this one:



I agree this would be v. useful. Is there a roadmap for a roadmap?



See the FAQ, specifically the section titled “Roadmap”:



I have been thinking about trying to duplicate the awesome webstorm git features. This would be a huge task. I would hate to put a lot of work into it and find out someone else was doing the same thing.

A discussion board is not good enough to solve this problem. We need a place where future ideas are stored and people should list what they are working on the moment they start. A simple webpage would be a good start. I’d start such a page but how would I get the word out so that it was actually used and useful?

I guess just starting an empty github project and posting about it would help find this kind of overlap. But some might think it weird to announce things not really started yet.



To play Devil’s Advocate, why shouldn’t there be more than one implementation of an idea? I understand that you feel that your time might have been better spent working on something else. But maybe you both have unique perspectives on the problem and only because both of you worked on it does the best possible product get created.

Also, sometimes I start working on something just to see if I can do it. It isn’t really something that I intend to pursue unless it really clicks, but I won’t know if it does until I get a certain way into the project. I just start building something and if it turns out to be useful … well, I publish it as a package. My file-type-icons package was like that. I was mostly done with it before I found out that there was another one that does everything that mine does and a little more besides. But I learned a lot by creating the package … and mine fits my personal needs better … so I keep it around.

As a matter of fact, most of my packages are for just me … and if other people like them and want to use them, great! If people want to take my work and build on it … awesome! If people want to contribute back to my project to share with everyone … that’s what it’s all about!

Pardon me for going a little hippie here, but just let the ideas flow man! We don’t need to be wasting time coordinating and getting permission and worrying about duplication of effort. If you’re learning and having fun … you’re doing it right!

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but just let the ideas flow man!

I agree 100%. But knowledge is always a good thing. I’m not advocating limiting work on features to one project. If I did I retract it. And competition is a good thing, even for hippies.

getting permission

Whoa, I didn’t say anything about that, did I?

P.S. I was a hippie in Haight-Ashbury San Francisco in 1968.



No, you didn’t. Perhaps I’m not understanding what the intent is for the system you propose? You specifically state, “I would hate to put a lot of work into it and find out someone else was doing the same thing.” And follow with, “A discussion board is not good enough to solve this problem.” What specifically is the problem you’re trying to solve?

I had a suspicion that you were of that era, so I specifically chose that wording :grinning:



What specifically is the problem you’re trying to solve?

It’s not a serious problem that needs solving. I used a poor choice of words. I just meant that it would be nice to not have to pour through archives to find out what features have been requested or what is being worked on.

I myself do not want to duplicate efforts, even when I’m mostly doing it for fun or education. As you say, many others wouldn’t care.



I tend to agree, actually. And while I feel we have a high concentration of what I consider to be “the Atom community” here on Discuss … there are other parts scattered around the Internet that don’t necessarily cross-pollinate: on Reddit, StackOverflow, IRC, etc. Hopefully this can be a method by which people can communicate their intentions and ideas.