Right pane started growing


I pressed "altgr + “-” " by mistake and now i can’t see my code, the right pane took over my entire atom.
Scoured the forums and the atom --clear-window-state command didn’t work.

Really appreciate quick help as im need to be able to program right this instant :frowning:


Please open the Keybinding Resolver (ctrl . unless you’re on Mac, then cmd .), press altgr -, and screenshot the results.

What did it do? You closed Atom, opened the command line, and typed in atom --clear-window-state but what did you see when it opened?


The thing is i can’t access anything, i’ll send you a screenshot so you see what i mean…





I’m going to treat you like you don’t know what you’re doing with your own computer, but please humor me and provide screenshots or a recording of you using atom --clear-window-state and finding Atom open again in the same configuration. This is exactly the sort of problem that that switch is meant to solve, and it’s not very likely that it just doesn’t work on your computer.


Fixed it, ty anyway :slight_smile: