Right-click menu misaligned


I’m not entirely sure how this happened, but the right-click menu is now completely misaligned with the mouse cursor on RMC - it appears something like 100px to the right and 10 px down of where my mouse cursor actually is on screen.

I’m on Ubuntu and reinstalling Atom with sudo apt-get purge didn’t work.

is this a known bug?
Is there another file I need to delete in order to reset this weird right click menu position?


Yes, this is a known issue:


I assume the phenomenon I encountered has something to do with this issue.
Platform: Windows 10
Version: 1.3.2 and 1.4 beta 3

When I was editing an HTML file, and did a right-mouse button click to open the context menu, one of the menu item automatically selected and executed. This occurred usually when I clicked around the right and middle part of the edit panel. The selected command is “Split Right” in many cases. In some cases, even “Select All” executed.
This is very dangerous. I could not reproduce on a Linux.


Please report your experience on the above linked issue so it can be properly tracked.


I did a right-mouse button click on the last character “d” in the string “…incididunt ut labore et d”, which opened the context menu.
As you see in the below image, the “Delete” menu command had already been selected.

I did not move my mouse while I was pressing the right button, even one pixel. Those automatically selected commands, “Delete” in this example, seem to be also executed automatically some times.

I like Atom editor, please solve this issue.


What I meant was, please add your comments to this Issue:


I think the context menu box can have 2 or 3 pixels of padding; so that any of menu command is not initially selected when it opens.