Reverted to v101?


Hi guys,

I’ve just tried to build to the latest version on Windows.
It all goes through fine, no npm or gyp errors, all green and ok.

I launch Atom and this is the version the help menu tells me I have now:

Mind you, on this machine I was on 106 prior to the rebuild, and now it shows as 101?

If I open the version file in the atom directory, it shows me this:

…which is more like it, although I thought the latest was one 109.

Secondly a whole bunch of packages now don’t work anymore, for example the bracket matcher to name just one, but I get errors for a ton of them:

… which indicates further that it really was an older version that was cloned down from git during my build with git clone

I’ll try the build again later today, but I wanted to mention it.
I’ll open an issue as well, once anybody can confirm that it’s not just my stupidity. Has anyone else tried today?


Looks fine to me on OS X:


Yea maybe I just accidentally built from the wrong repository folder or something, although for the life of me I can’t image how, since I created fresh folders for the build as I always do. :worried:

Anyway. Unless someone cries out reporting the same thing soon, feel free to close this thing @leedohm.


Alright all fine now.
I did a clean rebuild again and it’s on 109 as expected.
Sorry for crying Wolf here.


No problem … that’s what Discuss is here for :grinning: