Reveal in Tree View shows wrong item after Save As


I’m using 0.120 for Windows and when I do a Save As (saved in another folder with a different filename). I continued editing the file and just hitting the standard “Save” after that. Saving worked as expected - it saved to the new filename and directory.

When I right clicked the tab itself and went to “Reveal in Tree” it showed me the OLD file. I can’t imagine this behavior is correct - I would expect it to show me the file I’m working on, not the one it was originally opened as.

I’m not sure if this is a core feature or a package.



So it seems once I click another tab, and then go back to my original tab, it now doesn’t go to the original file when I choose “Reveal in Tree View” - however it doesn’t go to the new one either. Probably because the folder it’s now saved in is outside the folder structure of the Tree.


Well, the command is called “Tree View: Reveal Active File” in the command palette, so the functionality is essentially from the tree-view package. I would start with filing an Issue on tree-view and go from there.

A GIF or video displaying exactly what you do and what goes wrong is very helpful too.