Reveal file in sidebar


Is there a “reveal in sidebar” function like in ST2 when I right click on an open file? I can’t seem to find it if exists.


You can use cmd-shift-\ to reveal the current open file in the tree view. We don’t have a menu item for this yet.


@nathansobo the shortcut is great, thank you!


On my Danish keyboard, \ sits on alt-shift-7, however this command won’t trigger when I do cmd-alt-shift-7, instead it triggers the “Tree View” toggle on cmd-\.

Is there a way for me to trigger the “Reveal active file” shortcut?


Edit your keymap.cson file (goto Atom>Open Your Keymap. And paste this into your file:

    'ctrl-cmd-r': 'tree-view:reveal-active-file'

You can change the shortcut by changing the “ctrl-cmd-r” to something you prefer.


this work on me.


The tree-view package now supports this feature through the autoReveal option.

See the commit here:


Thanks. I’ve done it by editing this file. Preferences -> Open Config Folder -> config.cson
Copy paste this in json into the file. Just copied editor also for reference. No need to change their values.
fontSize: 13
invisibles: {}
scrollPastEnd: true
softWrap: true
autoReveal: true


There is already the option directly from the file tabs.