Restrict saving Read-only files


The one thing I liked about Sublime is that it pops a message saying that "user does not have permissions… " if the user is trying to save a read only file.
Is there a way we can have this feature for Atom?


It already does this for me (on Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview, Build 10532 using Atom 1.0.12-dev-c5ffba4).

Reproduction steps (using Git Bash):

# Create a test directory.
mkdir Test && cd Test
# Create an empty text file.
touch test.txt
# Make the file read only.
# Equivalent to right-click, properties, ticking 'Read-only' under attributes in Windows Explorer.
chmod 444 test.txt # -r--r--r--    1 Philippe Administ        0 Sep 17 14:16 test.txt
# Open the test file in Atom (in Safe Mode, to ensure no packages are interfering).
atom --safe test.txt

When I write something and try to save the file I get the following message, telling me it is unable to save the file due to insufficient permissions: