'restore to default settings' setting


It’s helpful to keep tabs of what the editor chooses by default and to ‘start fresh’ occasionally.


Isn’t just deleting your ~/.atom directory close enough? Or were you looking for a package-by-package solution?


@leedohm is correct, deleting ~/.atom will start you and a pristine state. If you want to just adjust your config options delete ~/.atom/config.cson.


Thank you!


Can someone please share with me how the default file looks like? I am interested to see what I have changed already in my editor settings in comparison to the default settings.




The default file would be empty. Everything in the config.cson is a difference between the defaults and your settings.


Dear leedohm,

Thanks for clarifying this!




Nevermind! I thought I had Show Hidden Files turned on I see the .atom directory now :grimacing:


Great Thanks

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